How to incorporate tea into your Super Bowl party.

Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas. Photo: Mahanga. Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons 3.0

Many of us in San Jose will be enjoying the Super Bowl on television, rather than traveling to the game, so that means entertaining at home.  While football and barbecues are traditional American companions, with today’s tight budgets, why have a huge barbecue, or eat out, for your Super Bowl party?  Most people like to go back and forth from a table of appetizers, anyway. Why not just have a buffet, with plenty of bite-sized meaty sandwiches and savories, and tea to dilute all that beer for the football fans? Those who don’t want to watch the game can fill their plates, enjoy the tea, and enjoy conversation in another room, which they wouldn’t be able to do at a restaurant or bar.

Many people in San Jose like to plan their Super Bowl menu to include foods from the states represented by the competing football teams.  Why not use that idea to create a menu that will pair well with the tea, and also use some local San Jose ingredients? It’s no more “girly” than getting a selection of specialty microbrews to go with your food.  The 2011 Super Bowl teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.  Both cities are known for their mixture of Eastern European traditions, including food.  Wisconsin is also known for its high quality cheese, like Colby, and dairy products.  Pittsburgh is known for its cookies, so you can put out several varieties of cookies in the style of a Pittsburgh Cookie Table!  Perfect with tea.

Assam tea
Lapsang souchong tea

Pittsburgh Devonshire sandwich
Sliced Wisconsin Bratwurst on Hard Rolls
Chipped Ham sandwiches
Beer Cheese Soup
Pittsburgh City Chicken sandwiches
Chopped Chicken Salad sandwiches
Wisconsin cheese and crackers

Lemon bars

Sweetheart Sandwich Cookies
Pittsburgh-style Smiley Face Cookies
Frozen Custard or Klondike Bars
Mini Cranberry Pies

San Jose has many specialty grocery stores that can provide wonderful products, like packaged cookies, local organic milk and cheese, that can be used for a great Super Bowl menu.  Local San Jose supermarkets and specialty stores like Trader Joe’s, Cosentino’s, Zanotto’s, and Chiraramonte’s Italian deli on North 13th St., are good sources for things like sausage, frozen pierogies, and Klondike Bars.   Hearty teas like Assam and Lapsang Souchong will suit this robust menu best.  Tea-drinkers don’t have to be left out of the Super Bowl fun!

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