Review: Orange Blossom White Tea from Republic of Tea

Republic of Tea Orange Blossom White Tea. Photo: Elizabeth Urbach

I recently purchased a canister of Republic of Tea’s Orange Blossom White Tea. Packaged in distinctive round tea canisters, the tea is enclosed in round tea bags without strings or tags attached.  Just as a side note, while the company sells loose leaf tea blends and tisanes from its website, I have never seen loose-leaf tea from The Republic of Tea in any brick-and-mortar store.  The company web page describes this tea as “rare white tea buds” from Fujian Province in China; it also says that the orange blossoms are supposed to relieve anxiety and symbolize innocence, eternal love and fruitfulness.  This tea has a mild “tea” flavor with a gentle citrus and floral flavor and aroma.  The color of the liquor is light golden, and as with most white teas, the aroma and flavor are strongest when the tea is hot.

One thing that I like about this blend is that it actually contains orange blossoms – the blossoms from the orange tree.  Many – even most – of the other “orange blossom” scented teas that I have tried are flavored with oranges and jasmine blossoms, along with roses and other ingredients, but don’t contain any real orange blossoms.  I found it delicate and relaxing.

White tea, being so delicate, needs some special care when it is being infused, because if the water is too hot, or if the tea sits in the water too long, the tea will be scalded and the liquor will taste bitter and grassy.  The company recommends that the consumer heat the water almost to the boiling point, and steep the tea for 30 seconds to 1 minute before drinking. I generally boil the water and then take the kettle off the heat and let it sit for a minute or two before pouring it over the tea.  This tea does get bitter if you steep it for more than about 4 minutes, so I recommend following standard tea infusing procedure, which is to remove the tea leaves (or tea pouch) from the water immediately after steeping it for the recommended time.

Copyright 2011, Elizabeth Urbach.

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