A floral tea menu for a beautiful day.

Photo: Nikolay Dimitrov. http://www.e-Cobo.com

Floral tisanes can be really refreshing in cool and warm weather!  What better way to enjoy a floral tisane on a beautiful California afternoon than with a tea party?  The most fragrant herbs and flowers can also be used to make delicious desserts and savories to enjoy with tea.  Here are some menu and recipe suggestions:

Rose petal tisane
Chamomile tisane
Lavender tisane
Hibiscus tisane (Red Zinger herbal tea)
Jasmine green tea

Strawberry-Lavender Scones
Candied rose petals and lavender buds
Clotted cream
Lavender jelly
Rose Jam

Fried squash blossoms used as sandwich fillings
Fried Dandelion flowers used as sandwich fillings
Chopped nasturtiums and cream cheese sandwiches
Open-faced tea sandwiches garnished with herb flowers
Salad garnished with carnation petals

Lavender-Lemon Tea Cakes
Pansy shortbread
Shrewsbury Cakes (rose water shortbread)
Lavender-Mint Shortbread
Meyer Lemon and Orange Flower Yogurt Cake
Cherry Orange-Blossom Cakes
Dandelion Flower Cookies

Of course, it should be mentioned that you should only use food-safe flowers as ingredients in, or garnishes for any food or drinks.  Check a reliable list to determine which blossoms are safe to consume.  If you can find organic edible flowers at the farmer’s market, you could use those, but the easiest and least expensive way to get them is to grow them yourself, or make friends with someone who has an organic garden!  Zucchini and other squash seeds can be planted in the late winter or spring (don’t put them out until after the frosts end), as well as chives, peas (regular, vegetable peas have edible blossoms), and herbs like lavender and mint, or you can purchase seedlings in pots to put in the ground.  They will provide blossoms for the food on the table, alongside the other things in your garden!

Copyright 2011, Elizabeth Urbach.

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