Review: Sanrotsu matcha shortbread cookies.

Matcha cookies from Sanrotsu. Photo: Elizabeth Urbach.

One of the fun things about living in an area with several Asian grocery stores is the selection of snacks and treats. Many of them, especially the candy and cookies, are flavored with green or black tea! One of the most popular cookies is a matcha cookie made by Sanrotsu and sold in an apple-green box. Inside the box is a plastic tray with two compartments, filled with green foil bags containing two cookies each. The cookies are simple, crunchy and slightly sweet, and tinted a light green color from the matcha. The green tea flavor is light, but definitely present, complemented by the toasty flavor of the browned edges on each cookie. The cookies taste similar to a shortbread or crunchy sugar cookie, with just a hint of vegetal flavor from the tea. This product has a long shelf life, due to the inner plastic pouches that seal out the air and keep the cokies fresh. It’s a lot of packaging to throw away but it does its job. These cookies are delicious with a cup of tea or just by themselves, plus they’re egg-free, in case you are allergic to eggs and are looking for a nice cookie.

These matcha cookies are imported from Japan, so unless you can read Japanese you will have to depend on the label with the English translation. They are available in Japantown, and elsewhere in San Jose, at these places:

Mitsuwa Marketplace
675 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose
(408) 255-6699

Nijiya Market – San Jose store
240 Jackson St., San Jose
(408) 275-6916

Santo Market Inc.
245 East Taylor Street, San Jose
(408) 295-5406

Marukai – Cupertino store
19750 Stevens Creek blvd., Cupertino

Matcha is also said to go really well with certain kinds of chocolate, so that’s just one more reason to eat matcha cookies.  I try to keep a box of them in my tea party pantry all the time!

Copyright 2011, Elizabeth Urbach.

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