Black Friday shopping stress? Not when you relax with a tea party!

Autumn teapot and cup. Photo:

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season, but do you really want to fight with all the crowds on the freeway, in the parking lot, and at the stores? Life in the Silicon Valley is stressful enough. Instead of going out on Friday, stay in with a relaxing pot of tea and keep your sanity (which is more valuable than any sale), and wait a while to take advantage of the sales. They’ll still be around in a few days.  Use some leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner (you know you have them!) to make up your Black Friday morning or afternoon tea menu.  The flavors went well together on the Thanksgiving dinner table, so they’ll do just as well at tea time:

Orange Spice tea
Pumpkin Spice tea
Homemade chai

Cinnamon scones
Cranberry-orange scones
Cinnamon butter

Savory black olive scones with butter
Turkey salad sandwiches or Turkey and cranberry tea sandwiches
Warm sweet onion spread on crackers

Leftover pumpkin and apple pie
Cinnamon-raisin bread pudding
Aztec chocolate bread pudding
Maple shortbread

You could even use the time to use tea to make some gifts.  Or, you could go into the Santa Cruz Mountains and cut your own Christmas tree. Bring it home, set it in a bucket of water in the back or front yard, or in the garage, and warm up with a tea party! Use up some leftovers, anything else you need can be pulled from your tea party pantry, and you’re set for a relaxing, easy, festive Black Friday. Put on some holiday music, recover from Thanksgiving, and actually enjoy the season instead of losing yourself in the shopping frenzy. It’s just not worth the stress and frustration!

Copyright 2011, Elizabeth Urbach.

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