Add tea to your Super Bowl Sunday!

Gingerbread football cookies. Image:

San Jose’s football fans will be holed up at home tomorrow to watch the New England Patriots and the New York Giants fight it out in the Super Bowl. Lots of football fun means lots of food, drink, and noise for the fans!  If you don’t want to watch the game, but you live with someone who does, you have a few choices: endure the shouting and someone else’s party, or leave!  But why shouldn’t everyone – even those who aren’t fans — be having a good time when there’s a game on T.V.?  The fans should be sportsmanlike and minimize their noise, so that the “Super Bowl widows” (or “widowers”, as the case may be) can enjoy conversation in another room.  Relaxing cups of tea will help them save themselves a Super Bowl headache!

Iced and hot tea are perfect additions to the Super Bowl party buffet, and lots of traditional sports-fan foods, even barbecue, go well with tea, so there’s no need for a separate menu.  For this Super Bowl, try using traditional foods from New York and the New England states, as well as Indiana, where the game will be held, to fill your table.  Hamburger sliders, sausage rolls, pierogies, sandwiches and crab cakes as well as scones, cookies, tea cakes and mini cheesecakes all make great Super Bowl buffet foods.  Cut everything into small two-bite portions, and you’re good to go.  Here are some suggstions for savories and sweets equally good for the football fan and the tea table:

New York White Castle sliders
Sausage rolls made with Nathan’s hot dogs
Noah’s New York Bagels with schmear
Mini Buffalo chicken sandwiches
New York favorite potato and cheese pierogies 
Indiana breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches
New England lobster and shrimp rolls
New England crab cake sandwiches
New England fried cod sandwiches on Parker House rolls

Gluten-free lemon scones
Vermont maple scones
New England cranberry orange scones
New England blueberry scones
Old Portsmouth orange cake
New York cheesecake bites
New York Black and White cookies
New England molasses cookies

If you’re hosting the Super Bowl party this weekend, have all the guests bring a contribution of finger food, and it will be less of a strain on your tea party pantry. Many items are available pre-packaged in San Jose-area Safeway, Lucky’s, Save Mart and Nob Hill stores, including frozen White Castle sliders, Buffalo chicken, frozen pierogies and frozen Parker House rolls and even Moxie soda pop.  Provide a bunch of bottled iced teas, or even bottled kombucha, to be chilled along with the soda and beer, as well as a pot or two of hot tea to accompany the treats.  You could even mix up some tea cocktails!  Keep everyone in a good mood, so that when the sports fans meet up with their loved ones at the end of the game, they can all enjoy the rest of the day together, knowing that nobody was left out or stifled in their enthusiasm for the event. This Sunday might turn out to be your most enjoyable Super Bowl ever!

Copyright 2012, Elizabeth Urbach.

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