Set out a tea buffet for your own Oscars Party!

Hollywood & Highland Theatre, venue for the Oscars. Photo: Wikipedia.

Did you know that History San Jose has an Oscar – an Academy Awards statuette – in their collection? It was owned by motion picture pioneer Lee de Forest, and is part of the Perham Collection. But that’s not San Jose’s only connection with the Academy Awards: San Jose’s movie lovers will be in front of the television tonight to watch the ceremony, and enjoy their own Oscars party. Why not set out a buffet of finger foods, along with pots of tea, for yourself and your guests? Here are some suggestions for finger foods and the teas that will pair well with them:

American tea food buffet
Barbecue and tea
Canadian tea food
Chocolate and tea 
Celebratory tea buffet
Downton Abbey style tea and food
English tea party
Holiday celebration tea buffet
International tea food
Late-night English tea and snacks
Man-friendly finger food and tea buffet
Tea and food for beer fans
Tea and food to keep you awake at night
Tea as a champagne substitute
Youth-friendly tea and finger food

Victorian-style and traditional tea food is appropriate, given the number of period dramas up for consideration. There’s even an official Oscars Party Kit, with canapé recipes from Wolfgang Puck, for you to use; canapés are simply savory bites, perfect for the tea table! Toast your favorite movies, actors and directors with champagne, or Darjeeling tea, known as “the champagne of tea” for its tartness. You can even mix tea with sparkling water for a celebratory tea punch. Tea will enhance your Oscars party!

Copyright 2012, Elizabeth Urbach.

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