More than 20 ways to have fun with tea

Take tea with you to the beach! Image: Nikolay Dimitriv,

The heat of summer has arrived in San Jose, and it’s definitely time for lots of iced tea! Traditional hot-brewed iced tea, as well as cold-brewed iced tea, along with bubble tea and iced chai, are perfect beverages to enjoy whether you’re lazing on the beach at Santa Cruz or sitting at your desk in San Jose. When you get a bit of free time, tea can also entertain you, and even make you laugh! Here are some fun and funny ways to pass the time with tea:

“Tea is for me” song
“Cup of Brown Joy” rap song
“O Blessed Holy Caffeine Tree” song
“The Tea Rap” from the Tea Cup Mafia (WARNING: contains profanity)
Red Rose Tea Chimps commercial from the 1940s
Red Rose Tea commercial from 1989

Free Online Games:
“Death by Caffeine” calculator (ever wondered how many cups of tea you would have to drink, in order to kill yourself with caffeine?)
Bigelow Tea Matching Game
“Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden” online game
“High Tea” online history game
“Boston Tea Party” online history game
“Tea Drinks” online game
“Tea Party” online game for children
“Hello Kitty’s Tea Party” online game for children
“Alice’s Tea Party” online game for children
“Tea Game for Girls” online game for children
“Mind Your Manners Tea Party” Strawberry Shortcake online game for children

“Darjeeling Unlimited” cocktail recipe from Food & Wine Magazine
“Kentucky Derby-themed tea cocktails”
“Raspberry-Basil Tea Spritzer” recipe
“Pomegranite tea punch” recipe

Please note: these online games haven’t been tested, so I don’t know if they are all as fun as they sound, but the Death By Caffeine calculator is pretty funny, as are the tea-related songs. You can add some tea ice cream to your summer tea recreation and give yourself a mini-vacation, taking some time to escape everyday life, right here in San Jose. Where to find tea ice cream? Usually, Nob Hill in Milpitas and Safeway carry Haagen-Dazs green tea ice cream, and Zanotto’s in the Rose Garden carries green tea ice cream from Marianne’s in Santa Cruz, as does Cosentino’s in Willow Glen. Barring that, check at any Asian grocery store and you should be able to find green tea ice cream as well as ice cream-filled mochi in their freezer section. Stay cool and have fun with tea!

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