Have a tea brunch while you watch the 2013 Rose Parade!

festive cup of tea.  Image: MorgueFile.com

festive cup of tea. Image: MorgueFile.com

The Tournament of Roses, or as it’s known locally, the Rose Parade or the Rose Bowl Parade, begins at 8 a.m. on January 1st and will be broadcast on ABC, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, KTLA (Tribune), NBC, RFD-TV and Univision. It is a New Year’s Day tradition in California to watch the event in your pajamas with a hot drink and a plate of food.  Why not extend your New Year celebrations with a brunch while you watch the Rose Parade? Include any leftover champagne, and check your tea party pantry for usable items, as well.  Anything tasty and easy will do.

The parade theme for 2013 is “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”, so whimsical Dr. Seuss-style foods like Green Eggs and Ham can make an appearance at this brunch.  Of course, rose-flavored and rose-scented items would also be appropriate; rose-flavored Turkish Delight can sometimes be found in the Middle Eastern food section of local supermarkets like Nob Hill, and bottles of rose water are on the shelf even in Target’s food section.  Add a teaspoon of rose water to a cup of hot black tea, and you will have a fragrant and delicious treat. If you have any last leftovers from Christmas dinner, or even New Year’s Eve party appetizers, pull them out and put them on the table, or make them into a new treat for your brunch buffet. Then settle down and watch San Jose’s Valley Christian HS East-West  Fusion All-Star Band, who will be marching in the parade, and Stanford University, who will be playing the University of Wisconsin later that day.  Happy New Year!

Copyright 2012, Elizabeth Urbach.

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