Review: Sticky Fingers Red Raspberry Scone mix

Sticky Fingers Red Raspberry Scone mix.  Photo: Elizabeth Urbach

Sticky Fingers Red Raspberry Scone mix. Photo: Elizabeth Urbach

Scone mixes are a good item to keep in your tea party pantry for those times when you don’t have 30 minutes to make a batch of scones from scratch, but you still need something to eat with tea, and you want something a little more special than toast.  Enter the packaged scone mixes!  With the company tag line “homemade taste for modern lives,” Sticky Fingers was the first brand of scone mix that I saw in San Jose-area stores, and it has expanded to include several flavors that are available in local Safeway, Target, Nob Hill, and Cost Plus World Market stores, as well as Lisa’s Tea Treasures in Campbell and at Santana Row.  The scone mix is packaged in a foil-lined paper sack, and includes enough dry ingredients for 12 medium-sized scones; the only ingredient that the user needs to add is water, but you can enrich the scones by adding milk, cream, or a combination of those and water when you mix up the scones.

The company website says that all their mixes contain no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, trans-fats or saturated fats.  Ingredients for the Red Raspberry mix include: unbleached enriched flours (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, iron, thiamin, mononitrate, riboflavins, folic acid), sugar, canola oil (with ascorbic acid and rosemary added to preserve freshness), buttermilk powder, leavening (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, monocalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate), freeze dried raspberries, natural flavor, and salt.

Sticky Fingers Red Raspberry scone and package.  Photo: Elizabeth Urbach.

Sticky Fingers Red Raspberry scone and package. Photo: Elizabeth Urbach.

They’re as easy to put together as your basic boxed buttermilk biscuit mix.  You simply preheat the oven to 375 degrees, and while the oven is heating, you open the bag, pour the mix into a bowl, measure out and add ¾ cup of water, and stir it into the mix with a fork until it comes together into a soft dough.  Form the scones, place them on a baking sheet, and after about 15 minutes of baking, they’re done.  The question, though, is “how do they taste?” The South Bay Ladies’ Tea Guild tried the Red Raspberry Scone mix over Valentine’s Day weekend, and we are happy to report that it produced a batch of tasty scones, and we’d like to get another package of the mix for our tea party pantries!  The Red Raspberry mix contains whole dried raspberries, and had a good raspberry-vanilla flavor that wasn’t cloyingly sweet.  The scones’ texture was also good, being moist, crumbly and slightly fluffy, but firm enough that they could be sliced in half and spread with lemon curd and cream. They went well with Whittard’s English Rose black tea.

Sticky Fingers makes several flavors of scone mix, including the newest flavor – Coconut Chocolate Chip — and a few gluten free mixes, as well as muffin mixes, brownie mixes and Irish soda bread mixes.  They also sell jams and spreads to eat with their scones and other products once baked.  At $5.99 per bag, these mixes are a bit more expensive than making a dozen scones from scratch, but they are very convenient and tasty, and a good addition to your tea party pantry.

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