About Me

My name is Elizabeth and I have been a tea drinker for over 10 years.  I began in college when a friend of mine invited me to go antiques shopping with her, and have tea at a local tearoom afterward.  Shortly thereafter, I began to drink tea regularly and give tea parties in my own home, as well as patronize as many local tea rooms as possible.  I earned a B.A. in both English and History, and started writing about tea soon after I graduated from university.  I founded a tea hobby club in 2004 and I write a quarterly newsletter for the club members.  I have been published in the now-defunct Ladies’ Tea Guild magazine, The Gilded Lily, as well as the Internet publication Sweet Willa’s Review and on the Examiner.com website, where I publish as the San Jose Tea Examiner.  This blog is intended to be an archive of my tea articles.

To use any text or images from my articles, please obtain advance written permission, for each article or image, from me by e-mailing me at southbayladiesteaguild@yahoo.com.



3 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi-

    I am the owner of Tea Traditions, a catering company that specializes in tea party events, in San Jose, California. You included me in your list of caterers. I noticed that our phone number is not correct. Please change the number to: (408) 599-8273.
    Thank you, Lisa Fahey/Owner

  2. Thank you for following my blog.

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